How to Edge a Lawn

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Maintaining a pristine, manicured lawn isn’t an easy task. But it isn’t as hard as you think either! If you’re done weeding and mowing your lawn but it is still missing that final touch, we suggest you edge your lawn. As they say, the devil is in the details and edging is one hell of … Read more

How Often To Water Lawn

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A healthy lawn is not just a sight for sore eyes in the summer (or any season). It is also a great place whether you plan to sunbathe or host a barbecue party. Keeping the grass clean and plush is an important part of maintaining the lawn. It means you can rest easy when the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Mushrooms

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Do you ever walk out to your beautiful, clean lawn only to feel brown mushrooms squelching beneath your feet? Are rainy days always followed by the appearance of little toadstools all across your lawn? You’re not alone! All lawns are prone to mushrooms. Most of them aren’t particularly dangerous. They can still be distressing, especially … Read more

How to Get Rid of Clover in Lawn

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Clover tends to grow pretty quickly in lawns. While it is not entirely harmful to the other plants and flowers in your lawn, it can still be meddlesome by attracting pests to the lawn and forming white flowers to create spots of clover. It is, however, possible to get rid of the clover growing in … Read more

How to Overseed or Reseed Your Lawn

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If your lawn, your pride and joy is beginning to look thin and worn out, showing bare spots and there is a rampant growth of weeds, don’t panic. It is very easy to restore your lawn and prevent it from becoming an eyesore. There is nothing that overseeding or seeding of your lawn can’t take … Read more